I was looking through a Maxim magazine to get ideas for the different types of advertising and I noticed that every single ad had to do with sex, or guys having a cool image.  An advertisement for Champion shows a good looking girl sitting on what looks to be a countertop wearing nothing but a zip-up champion hoody.  This ad is directed towards men, even though a woman is wearing the sweatshirt. Its kind of like in the movies where a girl ends up wearing his clothes after “staying” the night. Another ad shows three guys sitting at the bar drinking jose quervo, and the ad talks about the thrills that they will have after drinking the tequilla.  There are also car ads everywhere, but the type of car attracts different types of people. I do not think that a man would be too attracted to the new Dodge caravan, but if they see a picture of a new twin turbocharged Audi TT there blood might get pumping a little bit harder. This magazine is a really good example of the difference between advertising towards men, and advertising towards everyone else. I do not think that champion would try to use sex appeal when advertising towards a family. There are a lot of ads in this magazine that would really not be found anywhere but a mens magazine or possibly a mens TV network. Ads for chewing tobacco and workout supplements are not found in Cosmo. These type of ads are only found in places where men would look because women rarely use these type of products. I think that advertisers know exactaly what they are doing when it comes to ad placement according to the type of viewers and interests that that the readers, or viewers, will have. If the ads were not placed in the correct place than they would not sell their product as well as they could be. This could ruin companies and that is why advertising is so important, without proper advertising a company could never reach its fullest potential.
-Bill Schroeder